14 April 2010

Leid und Elend

So today was trying. I joined the Planet Fitness near my apartment on Sunday--what the heck, right?  I've been going daily, either before or after work, and hitting the treadmill there. It's easier than walking outside, for some reason. Probably because indoors I don't have to worry about getting pasted by a car.

Anyway. This morning, I decided to hit one of the bikes instead of doing the treadmill. Oh yeah, that was a great idea. Two minutes in, the insides of my thighs started to give me issues. And we're not talking "feel the burn", either. We're talking "OMFG WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO US LADY?!" here. After another eight minutes I couldn't take it anymore and was all "well shit, there went that plan". I migrated to a treadmill. Figured I would do at least 30-35 minutes there, and I would be good.

My back had other ideas. About 5 minutes in, it started to seize up. I pressed on, taking a 30-second pause to try to stretch it back out. That bought me another 15 minutes before the pain became unbearable and I had to stop. Broken back ftl. I showered in tears and left. As I came meandering out of the locker room, some dude was there jamming on the treadclimber nearest the front--and when I say "jamming on", I mean he was seriously going at like warp speed. He shot me a disgusted look before going back to his "look at me, I can do warp speed on a treadclimber for an hour at a time" routine. I just rolled my eyes at him and left, wishing I could just have a new spinal column and wondering why, for once, I can't just have SOMETHING be easy.

Tomorrow is another day.


Borea said...

Treadmills are great because you can vary the terrain within reason. Walking indoors is good not only because you won't be smooshed by random autos, but also because it is air conditioned! :)

Screw that dude on the tread climber. His knees are going to be blown in 5 years if he keeps that up. I hate gyms for the people like that guy, but you know what, you just have to push on, keep thinking, "one day, I will own you on that very treadclimber!" You're doing what you can, what you have to do for your health and well-being. That's what matters.

The Acid Queen said...

Eh, I didn't let him get to me like I would have before--which surprised me in a good way, because it tells me that I'm no longer quite as easily daunted as I used to be. If he wants to be a showoff, that's his own lookout. I am doing all that I can, and doing it however I can.

My next goal in life is to use the strength training machines--which is probably something I'll wind up doing at like 4 AM or in the middle of the day when like five people are there, because they're RIGHT up in front of everything and I don't think I'm quite ready to tackle that alone and in front of a whole raft of people yet.