30 May 2007

The Heathen Who Came In From The Cold

Bernulf, good to see you back--believe me, I understand what you're dealing with.

In other news:

Hrafnkell makes a most excellent post in his blog about the need for we heathens to defend ourselves from attack by the Christian Right--who, in case you haven't noticed, have been engaged in a Jihad against the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment for the last few dozen years. You know the one: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion Yeah, that one.

So. I made a comment that, in hindsight, came across more as "let's lie low" than "I agree: rather than just call names and sling mud, let's engage the Christians and fight their attempts to outlaw other religions."

And so here we are: The Evangelical Right holds that anything that doesn't favor their belief system is "an attack on Christianity", while the rest of us look at them and say "all y'all are out of your minds."

And really, they are all out of their minds. I could say that Christianity is a plague on society--but that makes me no better than a preacher who uses his pulpit to bludgeon people over the head with the idea that government exists to help Christianity stamp out other faiths and the born-again who steadfastly refuses to accept that the Founding Fathers were Deists who did not intend for this country to be Christian-only. Do I think that Christianity is a plague on society? No. But some of its followers--the Christofascists--are not much better than the Islamofascists over in the Middle East...except that the Christofascists aren't forcing their religious point of view on anyone by force of arms or sending martyrs to blow themselves up in crowded markets.

But then, what's the difference between force of arms and force of law? Either way, blood will wind up being shed if the Christofascists have their way.

Odin help us all.