03 June 2010

Budgeting is hard.

I've started using to draw up a personal budget--because as my friends can all tell you, I live on the internets.

Uhh...damn. I had no idea just how much I was spending on what is really bullshit until I did that. $200 a month in the cafeteria at work?  What?  OH HELL NO, SON. Time to start taking my lunch to work and saving the cafeteria for once a week if that--and bringing my own yoghurt from home, since I seem to be buying yoghurt like umpty times a day from there. $41.95 every three months for WoW is doable. $60 a month for the cell phone is doable. I can fit in $100 worth of groceries in a month--and not any bullshit kind of processed nonsense, either. But $200 in the cafeteria at work? thanks. Love the folks that work there (except the manager--I find her to be singularly annoying and, frankly, a little patronizing whenever I have to deal with her). The money I'm spending?  Not so much.

Weekly weigh-in has me at 405 now. Yay, progress!

Currently trying to save money to get a car. Wish me luck.


Borea said...

You may find that cutting back on your cafeteria eating will help shed a few more pounds. Even if the food is cooked in-house, it's likely loaded with salt and fat that food from home just won't have. Not only will you save money, you'll know exactly what you're putting into your body.

You should be able to use the money you save to build an auto-fund in no time!

The Acid Queen said...

Well, what I got at the cafe were things like wraps with fresh ingredients, the salad bar, and the like. So I actually knew what was going into what I ate. But damn it was expensive. >.<