17 November 2007

Update + (arts+crafts) = profit

Update: I no longer work at the Stop-n-Rob. Of course, I'm still effectively "cut off" from the local heathen community thanks to my having been gone so long. I'll attempt to make it to the local hof's monthly blot tomorrow, though--we'll see how that goes.

My "art project" has progressed to the "oh crap, how does somebody with no drawing skills whatsoever draw a design?" stage. I see the design in my mind's eye, but I can't draw fer crap to put it on paper.

The design? Oh, nothing really complicated or anything--a boar done in white, on a red background. The circular border will be black, with the Elder Futhark embroidered in gold (well, yellow) in it. Maybe some extra little touches on the corners and sides, I dunno.

Total dimensions: 3' x 3'

Really, it's not that hard. And not that big either, really. But damned if I can draw it!

The materiel:

Needles -- 3
Embroidery floss in a rainbow of colours
Red cotton jersey fabric -- 3/4 bolt (yes, I have that much, and I've had it for years)

So, here you see an example of one of my practice runs. This is an attempt to make a white Thurisaz (Duh AQ, that's not Thurisaz) Wunjo rune, filled in with yellow:

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I apologize for the wonky white balance--I forgot I'd had the aperture open a bit wide.

And here is the cloth itself--the quality of the photo is crap, but I chalk that up to the camera.

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But you can see, roughly, how thin the fabric is. Perhaps I need some kind of backing or a double-layer thing? I dunno.


RIO said...

I'm thinking the thin material may give you fits. Something heavier gauge might be better to embroider on.

The Acid Queen said...

Do you think that tablecloth fabric would work? I am so clue-free when it comes to this stuff, sadly. :(