21 February 2007

He's getting better....

Those who know me know that my husband is not heathen (and that he's a little clueless, to boot). We've gone around and around about my being heathen, and he's driven me up the wall at times with his cluelessness.

But he's getting better.

...not by much, but he's getting better.

I'm sitting in the computer room, listening to "Odin Lives", and Mike walks into the room.

"What are you listening to?"

"Odin Lives" -- it's a weekly radiocast that gets posted up on the web. Since I have to work when it's on live, I listen to the archived broadcasts.

"You're still doing that Norse thing?"

Michael, I said as I turned to face him, I started on this journey when I was 11--after twenty-plus years of spiritual wandering, I finally came back to where I started; with the gods of our* Germanic ancestors. It's more than a "thing" with me. I'm cool with you not sharing it, but please don't belittle it.

Brief pause.

"Well, you belittle the Church."

In the past I have, yes. But I have long since gotten off that bus--when was the last time I said anything snarktastic towards the LDS Church?

He says nothing.


"Is this (he waves in the general direction of the latest two copies of Idunna) why you want to start homebrewing?"

I'd like to be able to be able to offer something that's not store-bought to the Aesir and Vanir, yes. Well that and I'd like to give some mead or beer to friends as gifts.

"Oh." His tone was one that indicated that the penny's finally beginning its long, slow drop.


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