11 January 2007


I decided to take the plunge and set up a harrow--I got the idea when I was at Sur La Table with my sister the day before I came back from my vacation trip to see her and her family out in Denver. I saw this red bowl (the small one, not the great big one in the picture--and they were being sold individually) and thought "This would make a good blessing-bowl". A personal-sized one, but a blessing-bowl nonetheless.

So a couple Saturdays ago after I got off work, I went to Crate and Barrel (because we don't have an SLT here in Raleigh...yet) and got this bowl and a "Tux" glass (the picture is no longer up on C&B's website). Total cost: $10. Nice and cheap and they get the job done.

Now I need to decide what I want to do for it next. I have an endtable that my friend Hayley gave me for Yule '05, and that will work fine for the "base". Would it be appropriate to put hockey-related stuff on it? Mebbe a picture of playoff-mode Mike Commodore, as a proxy for an idol of Thor? Suggestions from the audience are welcome.

I don't really give a damn what the hubby thinks of me doing this either--I'm doing this for me and my personal spiritual growth. And if it wigs the Elders when they come over to visit with him, that's a bonus. ;)

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