05 May 2006

Keeping the Faith

Coming from a missionary faith such as Christianity to Asatru is quite the switch, even though I passed through a strange shamanic/paganistic hodgepodge belief system of my own devising on the way--especially when a friend comes to you who is troubled, and you think "Man, this dude really needs Odin (or Thor, or Tyr, or some other god/goddess) working in his life."

It's very hard for me to have to bite my tongue and try to keep everything in a non-heathen context, because I just feel like I need to share how my life has changed since I've "come home" to the faith of my paternal ancestors. I think it's the fanatic in me, which might explain why I'm being so cautious in responding to what feels like a call to the clergy. I want to be sure--absolutely, positively certain beyond a shadow of a doubt--that it's a genuine call to become a gythja and not just a phase that I'll outgrow.

We shall see.

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