17 November 2007

Update + (arts+crafts) = profit

Update: I no longer work at the Stop-n-Rob. Of course, I'm still effectively "cut off" from the local heathen community thanks to my having been gone so long. I'll attempt to make it to the local hof's monthly blot tomorrow, though--we'll see how that goes.

My "art project" has progressed to the "oh crap, how does somebody with no drawing skills whatsoever draw a design?" stage. I see the design in my mind's eye, but I can't draw fer crap to put it on paper.

The design? Oh, nothing really complicated or anything--a boar done in white, on a red background. The circular border will be black, with the Elder Futhark embroidered in gold (well, yellow) in it. Maybe some extra little touches on the corners and sides, I dunno.

Total dimensions: 3' x 3'

Really, it's not that hard. And not that big either, really. But damned if I can draw it!

The materiel:

Needles -- 3
Embroidery floss in a rainbow of colours
Red cotton jersey fabric -- 3/4 bolt (yes, I have that much, and I've had it for years)

So, here you see an example of one of my practice runs. This is an attempt to make a white Thurisaz (Duh AQ, that's not Thurisaz) Wunjo rune, filled in with yellow:

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I apologize for the wonky white balance--I forgot I'd had the aperture open a bit wide.

And here is the cloth itself--the quality of the photo is crap, but I chalk that up to the camera.

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But you can see, roughly, how thin the fabric is. Perhaps I need some kind of backing or a double-layer thing? I dunno.