24 March 2006

Folker than thou

Earlier this week, I went to lunch with a fellow heathen. One of the things we discussed was the term "folkish". I told her about when I was denied membership on a "folkish" message board, because under "ethnicity" I had "French/Italian/American Indian" listed along with "Swedish"--and that when I asked (out of curiosity) why I wasn't allowed to join the board, I was pretty flatly told that Asatru was not the religion for me because of the non-Scandinavian part of my ancestry.

Umm....excuse me? Last I checked, the Folk were all those who were called to the Gods. Not only that, but the Gods don't seem to care--I mean, they adopted giants into their number, so what the hell problem would they have with worshippers who aren't 100% Scandinavian/Germanic in origin?

Somebody please explain this to me.

12 March 2006

Well okay then.

You can always tell a "wiccatru" poster on an asatru mailing list or discussion group, because that person is always the one who just doesn't seem to totally grasp the concept.

You don't have to form a kindred in order to be Asatru. You don't even have to be in a kindred, if there isn't one near you. The Gods don't care if you're in a group or by yourself, they'll listen to you all the same. But bringing a wiccan god or goddess into what is supposed to be a heathen setting or trying to mix Paganism and Heathenism is a pretty good way to get a heathen to look at you and say " don't quite understand this, do you?"

Pagans tend to get really upset when you comment on it, too. Why? Part of the search for truth in one's life includes a hard examination of things, doesn't it? At least, it should. That's how I wound up becoming heathen, after a long and twisting spiritual journey that included forays into two "mainstream" religions.

I just don't get it.